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Lawford C of E Primary School

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School Clubs

School led clubs start week beginning Monday 18th September 2017.

The last week for clubs is the week commencing 27th November, apart from Young Voices which continues up to and including Wednesday 13th December, and Senior Choir whose last session will be Monday 4th December.


Please note that there are no clubs in the last two and a half weeks before the end of term (week commencing 4th December onwards) and no after school clubs during the week when Parent/Teacher consultation evenings take place (w/c 6th November).


Please note that the arrangements for children to join clubs has changed slightly from this term


Before Enrolment Day - Clubs letters will be made available to interested children in the days/week leading up to enrolment day.


It is the responsibility of children to collect letters for the clubs they are interested in joining from the staff member/s running each club and take them home to discuss with parents BEFORE enrolment day.


Parents will agree with their children IN ADVANCE of ‘sign up’ exactly which/how many clubs they are signing up for. This avoids confusion with children signing up for clubs that parents didn’t want them to/on days that aren’t convenient and/or clubs they didn’t know about until after children have signed up.


On Enrolment Day (Friday 15th September) - Children bring in their ALREADY SIGNED permission slip and a joining fee of £2.00 for each after school club (£5.00 for Food Science).


KS2 children will go to the school hall at 10am and line up for the school run club(s) with their ALREADY SIGNED permission slip and joining fee. KS1 children will be signed up in their classrooms.


For clubs with a limited number of places, these will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


At the end of the enrolment session, teachers/staff running clubs will already have all the signed permission slips they need for the children participating in their clubs



After Enrolment Day

Children who don’t bring a signed permission slip and/or joining fee to ‘club sign up’ on enrolment day MAY be allocated a place if/when they bring these to the teacher/staff member running the club in the days after ‘sign up’ but ONLY IF a place is available.



Timings for ‘School Led’ Clubs

· Lunchtime clubs run from 12.30pm to 1.00 pm

· After school clubs run from 3.30pm to 4.15 pm (apart from Young Voices which finishes at 4.30pm)


Children will be brought to the office foyer for you to collect at the end of the club. Please ensure children are picked up promptly.


Commitment to Clubs

Teachers and teaching assistants give up their time during breaks and after school to run a variety of clubs. We ask children to make a commitment to the club they have chosen in attending every week. If for any reason your child does want to stop attending, please ensure they talk to the teacher first. We have had situations where children have just stopped turning up and this is not only a safeguarding issue but also unfair on both the teacher and other children who may be waiting to join a club.



During the remainder of this academic year, children will have the opportunity to enrol for clubs on a termly basis.


Due to many of the after school clubs requiring resources and materials, a fee of £2.00 (£5.00 for Food Science) will be charged each term to help us with the cost of this. Lunchtime clubs are free.


Please see below for details of the school clubs on offer this term.





Please note:

Privately Run Dance Club: Laura Rampton – Laura is currently taking maternity leave, there will therefore be no dance until further notice

Club letters will be available from the staff member running each club from Monday 11th September. (Senior Choir letters are available from the school office)









Susie Hyman

For children who love singing.

NB This choir may participate in community events as arranged by Susie

Lunch time

Years 4 to 6



Mrs Woods

For children in KS2 who can already play the recorder and wish to improve further

Lunch time

Year 3 to 6


Mrs Haines &

Mrs Glasgow (assisted by Sam Glasgow)

For boys and girls in KS1 & 2 who would like to play football.

Potentially children may eventually compete in matches as part of the Lawford school team/s

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 1 to 6



Mrs Woods &

Mrs Beard

For boys and girls in KS2 who love singing.

Children will need to commit to rehearsal every week and taking part in the concert at the O2 in London on 2nd February

3.30 - 4.30pm

Year 3 to 6


Mrs D Smith

For boys and girls in KS1 who are interested in cooking.

Please note that due to the cost of ingredients the joining fee for this club is £5.00.

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 1 & 2



Mrs Beverley

For children in KS2 who are new to the recorder (beginners)

Lunch time

Years 3 to 6


Mrs Glasgow

For children in KS1 who would like to develop an interest in racket sports

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 1 & 2


Miss Leggett

For children who would enjoy a range of calming activities,

e.g. mindfulness, colouring, yoga etc

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 3 to 6


Mrs Gaffney &

Mrs Whiteman

For boys and girls in KS2 who would like to play competitive netball and potentially compete in matches as part of the Lawford school team

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 3 to 6



Miss Dadd

For children in KS2 who would like to improve fitness through pop music

3.30 - 4.15pm

Years 3 to 6