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Lawford C of E Primary School

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1D (Year 1, Miss Dennis)


During maths this half term we have been focusing on place value and addition. We have learnt to order numbers, compare numbers and come to understand that two parts make a whole - we used kit kats to help us with this!


During PE we have learnt lots of key shapes and sequences in gymnastics, and practised multi-skills outside.


During PSHE, we have looked at emotions and feelings, what what makes a good friend.


During English this half term, we have looked at instruction writing, innovating a familiar story and creating or own Autumn poems.


We looked at the primary and secondary colours, shading and created our final piece in the style of Clarice Cliff.

Welcome to our classroom!

Parent Notices


Autumn term PE will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their full PE kit. Please also ensure your child's earrings are removed specifically for PE days. Earrings worn, which can not be to be removed by the child, will result in a missed PE session.


Show and tell will take place on a Friday afternoon.


Reading at Home

Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday each week. The children have to read three times before their book is changed. This must be logged on boom reader.

When reading with your child, it is important to ask your child questions about what they have read to further develop their understanding of the text.


Reading At Home Raffle

The biggest impact parents can have on learning at school is reading with your children as regularly as possible at home. Home school books, books from the library, magazines, cereal boxes all count as home reading. To encourage the children to read as much as possible at home, EYFS and KS1 are continuing with a weekly reading raffle. To enter, the children must have read 4 times during the week, which we will see on boom reader. There is no need for lengthy comments after each read, just a simple: Book title, page number and adult’s name would work brilliantly each day. Every child who has read at least 4 times, will receive a raffle token on a Friday (to ensure weekend reads are included too). Each Friday, in each class, one raffle token will be pulled out of a hat and that child will win a reading prize.



Every week, the children will be set a handwriting task on Friday. We have also decided to introduce a new homework dojo for brilliant pieces of work. 

In addition to the handwritng homework, we would also like to encourage the Year 1 children to complete their Numbots tasks weekly.

Summer Term 2023

During English, we have been looking at how to catch a Dragon! We have put actions to, and learnt, the instructions for catching a dragon. We then moved on to looking at the different features of instructions. We are in the process of writing our own instructions of our own mythical feature. It has been so fun, we are now experts in dragon hunting!

In maths this term, we have focused in on place value. We represented our numbers using tens and ones and challenged ourselves to compare them using greater than, less than and equal to. We then moved on to money. We learnt to recognise coins, order them and count them! A very busy term being marvellous mathematicians.

In History we have been learning all about castles, and why they were built so long ago. We have looked at William of Normandy and the Noman invasion of England, and visited a Motte and Bailey castle. It was super fun!

Spring Term 2023

In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 50 and partitioning them into tens and ones. We have used lots of manipulatives to help us solve problems and prove our answers. 

In Art this term we looked at structures. We used paper to create rainforests using techniques we learnt on the build up to the final piece.

In English we have been looking at the Gruffalo - we even had a visit from him! We have also enjoyed our reading this term and loved world book day.

In PE this term we focused on our brilliant ball skills and took part in some amazing gymnastics sessions with our coach, Sam.

Autumn Term 2022

Take a look at our learning this half term...

English: Little Rabbit Foo Foo / The Little Red Hen


Little Rabbit Foo Foo: we became familiar with the story, produced story maps, acted the story out in groups and designed our own Goonie. It was so much fun!

1D also have 'Buddy book time' after break every day. Inspired by The Little Red Hen, we look after small animals whilst we quietly enjoy some of our favourite books.

Maths: Place Value



We always have our concrete resources out so we can prove our knowledge and show our understanding. 


Art: painting and mixing


This half term, we have focused on both primary and secondary colours and enjoyed painting in the style of different artists. Jasper Johns' 'Numbers in Colour' was one of our favourites to recreate.

PE: multi-skills


Science: materials and their properties


Welcome to our Learning environment:

This term, our enquiry question will be:


‘How have schools changed since the Victorian times?’


To answer this question, we will be using lots of different skills. The key concepts underpinning our learning will be:


Identity- understanding the experiences of other individuals as well as ourselves.

Change – identifying how different aspects of life have changed over time.

Fairness – looking at the different rules we have to live by in schools and how this compares to the Victorian times.

Care – how we can care for our school environment.