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September 2016 - We have made a slight amendment to the policy. There will now be regular check in dates, for example, having two completed by each half term, to ensure that all pupils meet the homework expectation.


Home Learning Challenges - Spring 2016 Update


We have had a 100%  completion success rate in terms of children completing at least 4 home learning challenges, with a high percentage of children completing more. Some children have completed all of them! Presentation has improved and we have been impressed with the quality of homework. Well done everyone! 

September 2015 - Letter to Parents


Following our analysis of your responses on the Ofsted Parent View for our school, we have identified homework as an area that could be improved. For those of you who were parents of children in the academic year 2013-2014, you may remember the homework questionnaire we sent out to explore this issue further. Whilst the findings were mainly positive, we know that it is difficult to fulfil everyone’s expectations and perceptions about what homework should look like. Some parents would like more homework, whilst others would prefer to have no homework at all.


After reviewing our current procedures and homework policy and looking at what other outstanding schools provide their pupils, we have changed our approach to ensure that as a staff we are consistent and that the homework is challenging and engaging for all children. In light of this, the following homework will be set across the school:

  • Reading – children should be reading each night, recording this in their home school planner. This does not have to be to an adult but studies have found how valuable and beneficial this can be. All children have their Bug Club accounts on the learning platform and it is a great addition to the school reading books with opportunities to answer ready-made comprehension questions which the teacher has access to and can track progress.

  • Maths – children will be set weekly maths homework which will usually be allocated to them through their learning platform. The outcomes of these tasks are visible immediately to the teachers in order for them to identify strengths and gaps in their learning.

The learning platform can be found at

Your child’s username and password will be recorded in their school planner.

N.B. Please let us know if your child does not have access to the internet at home.

  •  Spelling - KS2 children will be set weekly spelling lists to learn for a midweek assessment. KS1 children will have their spellings identified from their home school planners. Results will be entered into their planners so that you are aware of their progress. The amount of spellings will vary depending on the age of the children.
  • Termly Home Learning Challenges – this is a new addition to our homework policy. The termly learning challenges have 12 tasks which promote research, creativity and language which are organised in coloured sections. We hope that this will broaden and extend those pupils who want to do more whilst ensuring that all children meet the expectations of our school.



In order for this to work effectively, the home school partnership needs to be secure and expectations need to clear on both sides. It is an expectation that all children complete their weekly homework and at least four of the learning challenges.


The quality of work expected from each pupil should reflect what the teacher sees in class and therefore we expect to see:

  • Joined up handwriting from Year 3 onwards (end of Y2 in summer term)

  • The underlining of dates and titles with a ruler

  • A black handwriting pen (not biro), children know if they use these in class, or pencil fit for the task

  • Homework is completed directly in the homework book where appropriate (for more creative tasks, a photograph and explanation straight into the book will suffice)


The termly home learning challenges will be stuck inside the homework books and are available below, where you will also find our updated homework policy. You will see that there is a teacher comment box for teachers to respond to the work they receive. There will be regular check in dates to ensure that all pupils meet the new expectation. However, children can give in home learning tasks earlier than these dates.


We look forward to working together with you and hope that this new homework system is clear and that children are motivated and challenged by it. We will be reviewing it at the end of this term and will be grateful for any feedback you may have.