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Reception Class - Miss Woods

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Here you can find out about our learning and see what Early Years is all about.

Take a look at our indoor classroom...

Take a look at our Outdoor classroom...

Summer Term 2022

Our enquiry question this term is 'What can I learn from a book?'


We will be using different types books to explore what we can learn from them. We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction texts with a key focus on what we can learn from them. Our mini topics are Dinosaurs, Space, Transport, Superheroes and Traditional Tales. 


The Key Concepts we will be focusing on this term are...


Identity, Change, Power, Fairness

What can we learn from books about Space? 

We learnt what planets where in our Solar System and produce some great artwork using pastels. 

Tennis with coach Matthew…

We had a very exciting visit from one of our Mummies who works at the UK Space Agency. She taught us about the different types of space shuttle take offs! We even got to take part is Level one astronaut training which we all passed. We got to try on spacesuits. It was an amazing experience and we learnt SO much! 

What can we learn from books about dinosaurs? 

We learnt all about the T-Rex! Using the measurements we found in a book we went outside and measured how big the T-Rex would have been on our playground. We were amazed that we could all fit inside! 

That’s not my dinosaur…

We explored ‘That’s not my…’ books and made our own version. We made them for the little people in our lives. We are so pleased with how they turned out! 

Look at our amazing story writing about Tyrannosaurus Drip! 

Tyrannosaurus drip 

We have been reading Tyrannosaurus Drip using a slow reveal. We have helped Drip by making a herbivore friendly packed lunch which we left out for him. He even visited us and made an awful mess! He was looking for his home but realised he couldn’t live at school. We are going to help him get back to his real home! 

Spring Term 2022

Our theme this term is 'Where does our food come from?'


We will be learning about the journey chocolate goes through to arrive in our shops with a focus on life in Kenya. We will be exploring different countries in which our food grows and how it gets to the UK. We will also be focusing on life cycles of humans, animals and creatures.


The Key Concepts we will be focusing on this term are...


Fairness, Change, Power, Care

Our trip to Hasty's Farm


We had an amazing trip to Hasty's Farm where we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and got to eat all the fruit in the story. We also got to meet, feed and touch all the animals, we were lucky enough to see lambs which were born the day before!! 

Spring is here!!! 


We have been learning about what we notice in Spring and even hatched our very own Chicks!! We have had cuddles with our new chicks and we love them lots!

We are outside no matter the weather!

In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10! 

We have answered our enquiry question, ‘Does chocolate grow on trees?’ It has been an amazing journey of new learning and findings! 

Chocolate lollipops! 

We designed and made our very own chocolate lollipops. We come up with names for them and designed packaging. We then got to eat them! We are thinking about opening our own chocolate factory after being so successful with the lollipops!!

Kandinsky artwork 


We learnt all about Kandinsky, we found out that he mixed colours when he painted so we investigated what colours we could make by mixing. We then created our own versions of Kandinsky’s circles artwork. We took such care when creating them and we now have them proudly on our wall! 

Chinese New Year


We have been learning about Chinese New Year, we created water colour dragons, a giant dragon and lanterns. We used the giant dragon to have our very own parade around the school! 

The Journey of Chocolate 


We learnt that the beginning of chocolate does in fact grow on trees! We then discovered the whole journey chocolate goes on before we get to eat it. We drew maps of the process...

We created the chocolate journey…

Still image for this video
The children created a representation of their learning about the journey of chocolate!

Does chocolate grow on trees?


We read the Charlie and Lola book about chocolate and we were inspired to create our own chocolate trees. We got very excited about the idea of being able to grow chocolate buttons in our gardens! 

Autumn Term 2021

Our theme this term is 'Me and My Wonderful World' 


We will be learning about our families, our friends, different types of home, our local community and people who help us. We will also look at how we can help look after our local environment and the world around us. 


The key concepts that we will explore are 

Identity, Change and Care.

When I grow up day! 


To conclude our focus on different types of jobs and how different jobs help us we celebrated with a dress up day. All the children came dressed as what job they would like to do when they are older. They then created collages of themselves doing that job. We are so proud of all the children's enthusiasm towards this topic this half term, they have learnt so much! 

How do firefighters help us?


We started our week by looking in our Talking Tub, we discussed the different items and thought about how a firefighter may use them. We then had a visit from some firefighters who told us what to do if there was ever a fire in our house. We then got to have a look at the fire engine and even got to use the giant hose!!! We ended our week with sparklers to celebrate Bonfire night. We also toasted marshmallows over the fire. 

How do vets help us?


We spoken about how vets help our pets which then helps us because our pets make us feel happy and loved. We shared pictures of our pets and discussed how we care for them. We wrote instructions for how to look after our pets using the sentence openers First, Next and Finally. At the end of the week we had a visit from a Vet who told us about her job and then we got to be vet detectives and guess what the dogs had swallowed on the x-rays. 

How do doctors and nurses help us?


We had a visit from a doctor with a rapid response vehicle, he showed us the different items he carries to an emergency and we even got to meet Annie the CPR dummy. We have started reading George's Marvellous Medicine as our class text, we created our own crazy medicines and also wrote a recipe for these. We also discussed how to keep safe with medicines. 

How do dentist help us?


We had a dental nurse come and visit us and talk to us about how we can look after our teeth. We learnt about what different types of food and drinks can do to our teeth. We learnt the correct way to brush our teeth and have even asked our parents for a timer when brushing them at home! We carried out an experiment using eggs to see the impact sugar has on our teeth.

The Naughty Bus has visited!!


We have been learning the Naughty Bus story in our Talk4Writing sessions and then suddenly the Naughty Bus arrived at school and started causing mischief. 

What has the Naughty Bus done?

Still image for this video

The Naughty Bus goes to Manningtree...


We went on a walk to our local area, Manningtree. We took the Naughty bus with us and thought about what he could do whilst on our journey. We walked past the doctors, a school, the hairdresses and also a pond! We took some money and spent it on a snack at the CO-OP. 


European Languages Day 


We learnt all about France. We decorated French flags, made Effiel Towers with match sticks , baked crossiants and even learnt a song in French. We had great fun and were very interested in how to say different sayings in French.

Our Self-portraits...


We thought very carefully about what we needed to include on our self-portraits, we created a success criteria to follow when we were painting. We even remembered small details like eyelashes!


Haven't we done a great job?

Our families...


We have been discussing who is in our family and what makes them special. We thought about things we love to do with our family members. We then drew our families in height order.

Our houses...


We have been learning about different types of houses in the UK and around the world. We had a look at the world map and matched the photos of different types of houses. We used the 3 little pigs story to think about what materials are used to create safe and sturdy houses. Using junk modelling we created our own houses, we carefully cut out the windows and doors all by ourselves.