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Lawford C of E Primary School

High quality learning and caring together in an encouraging Christian environment.

Reception Class - Mrs Cemil

Autumn Term 2021

Our theme this term is 'Me and My Wonderful World' 

We will be learning about our families, our friends, different types of home, our local community and people who help us. We will also look at how we can help look after our local environment and the world around us. .


The key concepts that we will explore are 

Identity, Change and Care.


Scroll down to see what we have learnt this term.


Take a look inside our classroom...

The Naughty Bus goes to Manningtree

We have been exploring 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan Oke. We learnt to recite the story using Talk for Writing and then took our own Naughty Bus on an adventure in our local area. We then became authors and created our own version of the story! 


We really enjoy our daily phonics lessons. We have been learning how to say and write our sounds. We have also started to segment and blend CVC words now too! 

Our Homes 

We have been thinking about the similarities and differences between our homes. We have also looked at houses from around the world. We have had great fun recreating our houses using junk modeling, drawings and various other construction materials. 

Self Portraits 

We have been learning how to create self portraits. We know that we need a face, eyes, nose and a mouth and have been making sure we put these in the correct positions on our face. We have been thinking carefully about our colour choices and looking closely to see what colour our eyes and hair are. 

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2020-2021

Summer Term

Our key questions this term will be 'How does your garden grow?' and 'What is life like under the sea?'

We will be thinking about how all creatures are different and like different things, just like us! We will learn how animals adapt to live in different environments and will have a focus on how we can help protect these environments. We will learn about lifecycles and begin to recognise similarities and differences between living things. We will be using the iPads, computers and controllable toys to support our learning in ICT too.


The key concepts we will explore this term are Beauty, Influence, Pride, Sustainability and Trust. 



Parent Notices



Summer PE will take place on Tuesday afternoon. Due to current procedures, please ensure your child comes in to school wearing their full PE kits on Tuesdays. 


Reading at Home

Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday each week. The children will receive two books per week to share with you at home. 


Forest School

Forest School sessions will take place every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. 


Scroll down to see what we have learnt this term. Parent notices will be sent out via Dojo.



Our First School Trip!

We had a fabulous day out at The Museum of East Anglian Life. We explored the farm and even made our own butter!


In PE this term we have been practising our ball skills. We have been working on throwing, catching, controlling our ball with a racket and hitting targets. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We have been exploring books by Eric Carle. So far we have enjoyed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider and The Bad Tempered Ladybird. We have become authors and have created our very own story books. Mrs Cemil and Mrs Dennis have been very impressed! 

New Arrivals! 

We have had some exciting new arrivals in class! Our eggs hatched and we have 4 very fluffy yellow chicks. We have named our new little friends Tom, Honor, Derek and Rainbow Unicorn Sparkle. We are busy looking after them now and watching them grow. 

Fun at Forest School 

We have been having lots of fun exploring our woods. Grandfather Oak tree has been very impressed with how much respect we have shown for the woods and the creatures living there. So far, we have enjoyed climbing trees, making delicious dishes in our mud kitchen and some brilliant bug hunting! 

Spring Term 2020-21


Our key question this term is... How can we light up our world


We will begin by exploring the world of light and dark. We will be learning about nocturnal animals and how these animals adapt to the world of darkness. Our light and dark focus will then lead into a brief look at Space, planets in our solar system and the light we get from the sun and moon. We will then focus on caring for our world and the importance of our roles and responsibilities in protecting and preserving the world around us. We will also hatch our own chicks as Easter nears and will have a mini ‘farm’ topic where we will learn where our food comes from and how we can  make responsible choices related to what we choose to eat.  


The key concepts that we will explore are 

Duty, Change, Choice and Community


Scroll down to see what we have learnt this term. Parent notices will be sent out via Dojo. 

Comic Relief!

We had a fabulous superhero day for Comic Relief! We decided that every child should have...
A home
A school
And someone to look after them.
We feel really proud that our money will help others ♥️

The Runaway Pancake! 

We've been having great fun exploring the story of The Runaway Pancake! We wrote our own shopping lists and made some delicious pancakes...luckily they did not run away! 

Back together! 

We have missed our friends so much during lockdown and we are all incredibly happy to be back together! 

Autumn Term 2020


Our key question this term is "What makes me amazing?

We will be learning about our families, our local environment and all about our bodies and how to keep them healthy.


The key concepts that we will explore are 

Identity, Belonging and Difference.


Scroll down to see what we have learnt this term and for parent notices.....

Christmas Time in Foundation Stage

We have had lots of fun celebrating Christmas together. We took part in the Santa dash, created masterpieces in our Santa's workshop, role played in our Nativity area, made our own Christmas crackers and card and even had time to bake delicious mince pies! 

Remembrance Day 2020

Kandinsky Artwork

We have been learning all about circles and triangles in our maths sessions. We have been looking closely at a famous artist called Kandinsky and have created our own masterpieces! 


All About Us


We have been learning 'All About Us.'  We have had fun playing in our doctors surgery, treating broken legs and coughs and colds.  We have listened to the story Funnybones, making our own skeletons and collaging skulls.  We drew around one of our friends and labelled all the parts of the body that we knew.  We impressed our teachers with how many we knew!  We have also learnt all about our five senses and have been  exploring how we use them. We played 'Guess the smell' and 'Guess the sound.'  Some of these really surprised us.  We also made our own musical instruments and thought about how each one made a sound.

Getting to Know Each Other

We have all settled in very well and have enjoyed getting to know each other. We have made new friends and have been fantastic at sticking to our class expectations of being Kind, Safe and Responsible. Take a look at our pictures to see what we have been up to in class so far....


Parent Notices 

As it stands, we will be doing PE on both Monday and Friday morning. Please make sure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit.


Reading books are changed and sent home once a week. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and we will send 2 home per week. To help us with this please could you indicate in your child’s planner when they have finished reading their reading book by writing ‘complete’ or by simply ticking next to the title. We would like the children to read a minimum of 4 times per week please. At this stage, the reading books are quite short and some children may complete them on the first night they bring them home, however, it is still essential to try and read a little each night. It is helpful to read each book several times. As they become more fluent on the second/third read they will become more confident in their ability and can begin to focus on their understanding of the text they are reading rather than simply decoding. Please also feel free to read library books and other texts such as comics or on-screen texts with your child, if you could write this in the planner too it enables us to talk about it with your child. You will be able to access a wealth of online books too using your child’s Bug Club account Bug club log in and password codes are in the front of planners.


Each week we will post you a summary of key learning via Dojo class story. Please keep an eye out for this as it may help you to chat about your child’s day at home and also support them in their learning.


Once the children have settled and the government restrictions allow us to do so, we will be having ‘stay and play’ sessions. These sessions will give you the chance to come into the classroom and share your child’s learning journey with them. We will send you dates and times for these as soon as we can.


Please feel free to speak to us about anything. If we cannot answer your question straight away we will always endeavour to find the answer.


Mrs Cemil and Mrs Dennis   

Our Learning Powers!


To display our 5 learning powers we need to be Resilient, an Evaluator, a Collaborator, Motivated and Trust worthy. When we display these amazing powers we take home one of our mascots for the evening. Can you guess which mascot matches which power?

Spring Term in Foundation Stage


Our Big Question this term is 'How can we light up the world?' 

We will begin by exploring the world of light and dark. We will be learning about nocturnal animals and how these animals adapt to the world of darkness. We will be thinking at length about the role of other members of our community, most specifically, farmers! We will talk about the role of a farmer and farming and discover where our food comes from. We will then focus on caring for our world and the importance of our roles and responsibilities in protecting and preserving the world around us.

We love to construct!
Our trip to Hollytrees Museum

We are learning to move our bodies in different ways.

We are trying really hard to write our names! 

Forest School

Foundation Stage absolute love being in the woods! We have enjoyed making mud faces, climbing trees and bug hunting plus many more fun activities. We love to sit in the log circle listening to each others thoughts and feelings whilst sipping on some yummy hot chocolate too!