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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Our key question this term is: I wonder why we love to be beside the seaside...

We will be learning about the seaside. We will be learning about local seaside towns and developing our locational knowledge of the United Kingdom, in particular, our local area using maps and iPads.  We will be learning about the human and physical features of the seaside and considering the benefits of harbours and ports. We will also be exploring the history of the seaside and how it has changed from the past as well as considering the impact and negative effects of pollution in seaside areas. 


Key Concepts to Explore:

Concepts: Identity, adversity, influence, sacrifice, prejudice, conflict, peace



Parent Notices



Autumn 1 PE will take place on Wednesday afternoon. Due to current procedures, please ensure your child comes in to school wearing their full PE on Wednesdays. Please also ensure your child's earrings are removed specifically for PE days. Earrings worn, which can not be to be removed by the child, will result in a missed PE session.


Reading at Home

Reading books will be changed on a Wednesday each week. The children will receive two books per week to share with you at home. When reading with your child, it is important to ask your child questions about what they have read to further develop their understanding of the text.


Reading At Home Raffle

The biggest impact parents can have on learning at school is reading with your children as regularly as possible at home. Home school books, books from the library, magazines, cereal boxes all count as home reading. To encourage the children to read as much as possible at home, EYFS and KS1 are continuing with a weekly reading raffle. We would like all Lawford children to read at least 4 times per week at home and for this to be recorded in their home planners. There is no need for lengthy comments after each read, just a simple: Book title, page number and adult’s name would work brilliantly each day. Every child who has read at least 4 times, and it is noted in their planners, will receive a raffle token on a Monday (to ensure weekend reads are included too). Each Monday, in each class, one raffle token will be pulled out of a hat and that child will win a reading prize.



Every 2-3 weeks, the children will be set a topic based homework on DOJO. This topic based homework will cover a range of subjects including English, Science, ICT, Geography, History, Art or DT. The children will have a set amount of weeks (usually 2-3) to complete this particular task and post a photo or video to their DOJO portfolio. Teachers will give feedback on each child's portfolio.   We have also decided to introduce a new homework dojo for brilliant pieces of work. Children will not necessarily receive a dojo for each piece of homework submitted, but they will for brilliant effort and for going above and beyond. 

In addition to the topic homework, we would also like to encourage the Year 2 children to complete their Times Tables Rockstars weekly. We are looking at multiplication and division facts this half term, specifically 2s 5s and 10s times tables and these will be matched with Times Tables Rock Stars each week too.



Please see Class Dojo page for our weekly objectives.

Our Autumn Topic- The Polar Regions


We have been writing our own information texts about a polar animal. We researched facts and then designed our own pages.

Polar Homework!

Check out our amazing junk model penguins created at home.

Year 2 PE

We are currently enjoying our Colchester United and 'Mind is Kind' PE sessions.

Year 2 Maths

In Year 2, we are brilliant mathematicians and are eagerly following the White Rose scheme of learning. We always enjoy our hands on sessions including representing numbers with a variety of different manipulatives.

Year 2 Art

In art this term, we have been inspired by the book 'A Brush Full of Colour- The World of Ted Harrison' and have created  our own polar version of his abstract landscape art.  

Year 2 Music

In Music so far this term, we have worked hard to identify and follow the beat of a piece of music. Here we are with the glockenspiels, working hard to play the correct note in unison with the rest of our classmates - something we find quite tricky!
























Year 2 2019-2020

Our Spring Topic: Africa

Year 2 Topic Homework

Check out these 'Sensational Safari' shoe box habitats. 

Our Autumn Topic: The Great Fire of London

Year 2 Topic Homework

Check out the fantastic 17th Century houses which Year 2 children created at home. They are just fantastic and have brought our classroom to life this term.

Our fantastic trip to Manningtree Fire Station

What a wonderful time we had! A brilliant, hands on experience for the children.

The Great Fire in Our School! 

The children loved seeing a real demonstration of what could have happened back in 1666. A real 'wow' moment for lots of them!

Year 2 Maths

The children are really enjoying our new approch to maths using the White Rose scheme of learning especially the 'hands-on' lessons using a range of equipment.

Year 2 Show and Tell

In Year 2, we really enjoy our weekly show and tell sessions. It is a great opportunity for the children to share their interests with their peers as well as practise the skill of speaking publicly.

Year 2 European Languages Day September 2019

Year 2 really enjoyed learning all about Poland and Lithuania as part of our European Languages day this year. The children particulary enjoyed making Rosol- a traditional Polish Chicken Soup. It’s usually served on Sundays and for special occasions (like weddings, christenings, etc). It’s also a traditional remedy for anyone who feels under the weather, as it’s believed to have ‘healing power.’




















Year 2 2018-2019


Class photos and shared learning

The Great Fire of London

We had a visit from Essex fire service to talk to us about the Great Fire of London. We looked at pictures to see how equipment has changed and even went outside to pass leather buckets of water.


In DT we designed our own Penguin finger puppets. First, we looked at examples of finger puppets, analysing how they were made. Then, we looked at the available fabrics and designed our own multi-coloured penguins. We cut the felt into two identical pieces and then cut out our penguin features. We stapled them together and glued our parts on. Lots of us were unsure of if we could do it, but we never gave up even though we found it challenging.


'I can't believe I did it, I am so proud of myself!' (Annabel)

Polar Explorer

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Adrian Hall. He has visited many places in the Arctic Circle and showed us pictures of his experiences.

Penguin experience

We were lucky enough to be able to visit Colchester Zoo to meet real penguins! We met with Santa's and his elves who talked to us about where penguins live and what they need to survive. We were then greeted by three hungry penguins.

'This has been the best day ever!' (Annabel)

Anti-Bullying Week

We have spent the week talking about the importance of respect. We had a workshop where we learnt the importance of valuing others and what bullying actually means and what we can do about it if it happened to us or someone else.


In art/DT, we researched 'Inukshuks'. We found out that these ancient statues were used by the Inuits as navigational tools. We designed our own and then made them using clay.

Sharing Morning

We celebrated our first half term in Y2 with our sharing morning. We presented our PowerPoints all about Polar animals and then shared some of our Polar fun day activities with our families.

Polar Fun Day!

We explored aspects of the Polar Regions by experimenting with blubber, made Bannock bread, making igloos, designing masks, sketching the Northern light, exploring Inuit language as well as making fact pages. We have had an amazing day!

Nick Butterworth

"Books are like an open door, taking you on a new journey"

We were lucky enough to have a visit from author, Nick Butterworth. He talked to us about how he writes a story and the inspiration behind his ideas. He showed us original scripts for 'One Snowy Night' and original sketches. He read us his most recent story called 'The Whisper'. We had an AMAZING workshop!


European Language Day

To celebrate European Language Day, we learnt about Greece. We used iPads to find facts about the country. We then designed our own Greek vases using watercolour pencils.


Did you know?


" Greeks invented the yo-yo which is considered the world's second oldest toy" (Herbie)

" Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe" (Mia)

" The official name of Greece is 'Hellenic Republic'" (Lily)

Year 2 visit Manningtree library

We walked to Manningtree to explore how to use the library. We looked at lots of different books and learnt how to find books in different sections of the library.


In maths we have measuring in cm and m. We measured items around the classroom.



We have begun exploring information texts. We looked at a variety of non-fiction books and found features such as topic headings, captions and pictures.


In RE we have been learning about Islam. We read the story of 'The Great Flood' from the Qur'an and compared it to the story of 'Noah's Ark from the Bible.


"The stories are nearly the same apart from Allah and God".  (Herbie)


"I wonder why Allah and God made sure that all the animals were safe..." (Rafi)


We have been exploring living things and their habitats. We looked at food chains and the position of each animal: producer, consumer, prey and predator.


We have been using ball skills in preparation for basketball. We made top tips to through and catch a ball with accuracy.

Homework Challenges

We have already had some AMAZING pieces of homework this term.