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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Parent Notices



Autumn term PE will take place on a Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their full PE kit. Please also ensure your child's earrings are removed specifically for PE days. Earrings worn, which can not be to be removed by the child, will result in a missed PE session.


Reading at Home

Reading books will be changed on a Monday each week. When reading with your child, it is important to ask your child questions about what they have read to further develop their understanding of the text.


Reading At Home Raffle

The biggest impact parents can have on learning at school is reading with your children as regularly as possible at home. Home school books, books from the library, magazines, cereal boxes all count as home reading. To encourage the children to read as much as possible at home, EYFS and KS1 are continuing with a weekly reading raffle. We would like all Lawford children to read at least 4 times per week at home and for this to be recorded in their home planners. There is no need for lengthy comments after each read, just a simple: Book title, page number and adult’s name would work brilliantly each day. Every child who has read at least 4 times, and it is noted in their planners, will receive a raffle token on a Monday (to ensure weekend reads are included too). Each Monday, in each class, one raffle token will be pulled out of a hat and that child will win a reading prize.



Every 2-3 weeks, the children will be set a topic based homework on DOJO. This topic based homework will cover a range of subjects including English, Science, ICT, Geography, History, Art or DT. The children will have a set amount of weeks (usually 2-3) to complete this particular task and post a photo or video to their DOJO portfolio. Teachers will give feedback on each child's portfolio.   We have also decided to introduce a new homework dojo for brilliant pieces of work. Children will not necessarily receive a dojo for each piece of homework submitted, but they will for brilliant effort and for going above and beyond. 

In addition to the topic homework, we would also like to encourage the Year 2 children to complete their Numbots tasks weekly. 



Please see Class Dojo page for our weekly objectives.

Our Classroom 


















Our Previous Year 2 Class 

Our Summer topic:


Our key question this term is: I wonder why we love to be beside the seaside…

We will be learning about the seaside. We will be learning about local seaside towns and developing our locational knowledge of the United Kingdom, in particular our local area, by using maps to identify local seaside towns.  We will be learning about the human and physical features of seaside and considering the benefits of harbours and ports. We will explore the history of the seaside and how it has changed from the past as well as considering the impact and negative effects of pollution in seaside areas.

Key concepts to explore:

Identity, fairness, change, care, power and conflict


We have been enjoying learning about measurement, position/direction and money this half term. 


We have been writing our very own Mr Grinling stories.


We have been enjoying our tennis lessons with Matthew Watson. We have been learning lots of new skills! 


We have been learning about human and physical features at the seaside. We looked at aerial photographs and drone videos to help us. 

Homework challenges

We have been inspired by our literacy work: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and made our very own lighthouses. 

Our Spring topic-


Our key question this term is: I wonder what life is like for our Kenyan friends… 

We will be learning about life in Africa, specifically, Kenya .We will focus and develop an understanding about how people live in Africa and compare their daily routines and traditions with theirs.  Children shall be using many of the projects already exchanged between our school and our partner school in Kenya to help with their learning and put learning into a ‘real’ context.  We will think about what impact our actions are having on the planet and the consequences for the life that lives in Africa.  

Key concepts to explore:

Identity, fairness, change, care, power and conflict

Year 2 Maths

In Year 2, we are excellent mathematicians and are eagerly following the White Rose scheme of learning. We always enjoy our hands on sessions including repeated addition and multiplying using pictures. 

Year 2 Literacy

We have been learning our new class text: 'How Zebra got his Stripes'. We learnt our class text using actions and drawing our own text maps. 

Year 2 Geography

We have been locating the continent of Africa on a world map. We challenged ourselves further by recording the oceans, Kenya and the UK.


Our Autumn Topic- The Polar Regions

Our key question this term is: I wonder if there is life on the ice...

We will be learning about the Polar regions and exploring what life there is on the opposite ends of our world, and how it survives. We will focus on the animals that live there and how they have adapted to live in the coldest places on Earth. We will compare the UK and the Arctic towns and make comparisons.  We will think about what impact our actions are having on the planet and the consequences for the life that lives in the Poles.


Key Concepts to Explore:

Identity, change, fairness, conflict, care, power



Polar Fun Day 
We had the most incredible time during our Polar fun day in school. We were incredibly lucky to spend the morning with Mr Hall, an Arctic explorer! We enjoyed map reading skills, scientific experiments and even igloo making using sugar cubes and marshmallows. 

Habitat Homework!

Check out our amazing junk model habitats we created at home.

Year 2 Maths

In Year 2, we are brilliant mathematicians and are eagerly following the White Rose scheme of learning. We always enjoy our hands on sessions including recognising and comparing amounts of money. 

Year 2 Art

In art this term, we have been inspired by the book 'A Brush Full of Colour- The World of Ted Harrison' and have created  our own polar version of his abstract landscape art.  

Year 2 PE

We are enjoying our PE sessions with Colchester United this term. Our focus is multi skills. 

Our Amazing Nativity

Honkey Tonky Donkey - December 2021