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Lawford C of E Primary School

High quality learning and caring together in an encouraging Christian environment.

Sports Premium


"Providing high quality collaborative physical education which develops future sports leaders, in an encouraging Christian environment." 


PE and Sports Leader: Miss Keighley Dadd


PE and Sports Linked Governor: Mr Mike Mendham


Sport Premium Development Plans for 2015-16 and 2016-17, showing how the funding is to be spent, can be accessed at the foot of this page.


Lawford C of E Primary School is committed to providing high quality sports provision which develops the health, well being, independence and attainment of every child. The recent allocation of sports funding to each school has provided us with the opportunity to identify areas in which we wish to make further progression. This will continue to be expanded on during the course of the year.



The range of extra curricular clubs that we offer to encourage sport and physical activity/movement for our pupils each term is included in the clubs list on our clubs page (link below) 

Sports Premium Report


For the academic year 2015 - 2016 we used the Sports Premium money for the following:


  • The purchase of the new gym wall bars and gym equipment

    Not only were we focusing on the development of squash with our Sports Premium, but we were also focusing on developing the teaching and learning of gymnastics. The new wall bars are now being used across the school and new additional equipment has been purchased such as benches and vaults which not only look better but are easier for children to access and get out and put away. Teachers within our Constable Collaborative Partnership (CCP) have been trained on teaching gymnastics and on the health and safety requirements. This is essential training, especially with newer members of staff and has tightened up our procedures, especially in terms of risk assessments for each area of PE – dance, gymnastics and athletics.


  • ‘Off the Wall Squash Academy’ – Year 5 and 6 continued their squash coaching successfully and again the children responded really well to the coaching that they have received. The school continues the process of selecting some teams to represent the school at the annual squash tournament


  • Dance teaching – back by popular demand, Amy taught topic related dance to Years 3 and 4. Her teaching impacted across the school with teachers taking on these units in their own teaching.


  • Tennis coaching – Links were made with Dedham tennis club. Year 1 and 2 received coaching and really enjoyed it. Some children signed up for lessons outside of the school, motivated by their sessions in school.


  • Golden Mile – New sports leaders were selected but training on the software proved difficult. We need to find a solution as to how we can really maximise the use of this scheme as it did have a few hiccups, e.g. issues at lunchtime in terms of the organisation of this. Possible solutions are to start a running club or encourage teachers to encourage children to run a few laps as part of P.E. sessions


Plans for Future Expenditure and Provision:


  • Renewing the existing football posts, investigate having squash walls in the school, general PE equipment renewal after an audit has taken place.


  • Exploiting other local sporting opportunities such as tag rugby coaching


  • Developing sports links with Highfields and Dedham as part of our CCP partnership which will promote more competitive sport


  • Possibly investing in a new school P.E. team kit to supplement current tracksuits which were purchased by the PTA


  • Link to Sports Relief by inviting in a sports person or holding special sports events for this occasion.


What outcomes are we working towards?


  • Further supporting outstanding PE provision across the school and ensuring that the confidence and evaluation of PE lessons is at least good but more often than not outstanding


  • Exciting the children about gymnastics through investing in new attractive equipment and training for staff


  • Increasing the number of different sports our children have access to


  • Increase the knowledge and expertise of our staff by working alongside experienced coaches in, for example, tennis, squash and dance


  • Children having more access to local competitive sport through our CCP partnership links


  • Identifying and supporting talented children in sport, e.g. in squash and providing a pathway to local clubs which they access outside of the school day as well as experience in school


  • Increasing physical exercise and general fitness for all pupils across the school


  • Changing the attitude and lifestyle of children towards physical activity



How will we measure the impact of our Sports Premium provision?


Through using a questionnaire with pupils (and possibly parents) based on the following criteria:


  • Percentages of children taking part in the Golden Mile increasing term by term


  • Increased use of gym equipment by all teachers across the school year


  • More children identified for their talents in a range of sports and taking up these sports outside of school


  • An increase in sporting competitive events with our local schools across a range of sports not just football.


  • A general improvement in well-being and feeling fitter by children (and evidenced in annual SHEU survey for KS2)