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Lawford C of E Primary School

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School Partnership Working

Constable Collaborative Partnership (CCP)


For the past three years, Lawford C of E Primary School has been working strategically and collaboratively with Highfields Primary School and Dedham Primary School.


The three head teachers meet regularly to plan valuable training for governors, senior managers, teachers and support staff. Each term teachers have opportunities to spend time in each others schools, observing and planning opportunities for sharing ideas and moderating samples of children’s work.


This year the head teachers are carrying out the second round of peer to peer reviews in each others schools based on a focus from their school improvement plans.


We have found the partnership very helpful and supportive in moving the school’s development forward.


Combining the expertise in each school is very powerful.

Peer to Peer Report - Impact of Suppport Staff

On Monday 30th January 2018, our partnership HTs carried out our second peer to peer view looking at how we deploy our support staff across the school. It was a very useful day which confirmed what we are doing well and also gave us suggested actions to work on.

Teachers across the three schools are meeting after half term to moderate writing which is a very useful activity to ensure consistency of judgements.

Peer to Peer Review at Lawford Primary School


On Wednesday 1st February, head teachers from Dedham Primary and Highfields Primary spent the day at our school carrying out a review of one of the priorities on our school improvement plan (SIP). The focus was looking at the provision for our academically more able children (AMA). Hilary Cook and James Aylott spoke to a selection of parents, visited all classrooms, looked at the data and spoke to children.


The findings are very positive as are the next steps forward. The final report is available below should you wish to find out more. Peer reviews are taking place in both of the other schools this term and I look forward to spending a whole day in both schools reviewing an aspect of their school improvement plans. We can all learn from each other and share our experiences to ensure that we continue to progress and make our schools the best that they can be.

Lawford Peer to Peer Report February 2017

CCP Governor Training


Joint governor training between the three schools takes place once a term.


Governors met at Dedham Primary School for Safeguarding and Prevent training on Tuesday 15th November. This was led by Pam Langmead and was a very informative evening ensuring that all governors are up to date with the latest messages and documents.


Governors met at Highfields Primary School on Tuesday 28th February 3017 to learn more about academy status. Although all CCP schools are not interested in becoming an academy, the HTs felt it was important to have the latest up to date knowledge about what becoming an academy entails. The intention to make every school an academy has taken a backseat in terms of government  agenda however it was still a useful evening and ensured that governors were updated on the latest information.

CCP Lesson Study Teacher Training


Teachers from all the three partnership schools met on Wednesday 16th November to learn about 'Lesson Study.' This was led by Louise Colledge from Essex Local Authority. This is an objective in our School Improvement Plan and is a technique used by teachers to work together on an identified aspect of teaching and learning.


Teachers  are planning for this to take place in the spring term and our school has chosen to focus on developing an aspect of reading.


Lesson Study blends all the features of professional learning that most improve learning and teaching:

  • the professional learning takes place over time and is not a one off event
  • it happens in the classroom with real pupils
  • it involves an element of collaborative enquiry or experiment between teachers who are trying to solve a problem or improve an approach. it is joint professional development.