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Lawford C of E Primary School

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Please note that, while Coronavirus protocols are in place, including classroom windows being kept open for ventilation at all times, children may wear non-uniform layers in order to be warm enough in class.  Ties are not currently required to be worn.


PE kits are not currently being kept at school, children currently need to come to school wearing their PE kit on PE days.

All our uniform is designed to be practical.  All school uniform items, including embroidered items, are available from Coes of Ipswich .  School ties are also available to buy from the school office.


Where parents feel the need to buy uniform from different suppliers, we ask that they conform to the colours and styles given below.


· school tie - blue and silver, for boys and girls

· school navy jumper or cardigan with embroidered school logo is a vital part of our uniform and available from Coes of Ipswich

· plain, white shirt/blouse - long sleeved in winter and short in summer, to be worn tucked in

· grey traditional trousers (boys or girls), shorts (in the Summer term), pleated skirts or pinafores

· grey socks or tights for winter

· light blue check dress (optional) in the Summer term, with white socks

· the school blazer is optional

· book bags/PE bags are also available


Where real need is demonstrated, the school may support parents with buying all or part of the uniform. The PTA sells pre-loved uniform at various events throughout the year.


Shoes – black or navy in winter - black, brown, navy or white in summer

We ask that for health and safety reasons children wear sensible footwear, such as flat or low-heeled substantial black, or dark blue shoes (not trainers).  In the Summer term sandals may be worn if the toe is covered. Flimsy or open toed sandals or plastic jelly shoes may not be worn. 

Please do not send your child to school in boots or fashion shoes, particularly those with kitten or high heels, as these can be dangerous and damage floor surfaces.  Boots are defined as shoes covering the ankle bone. 

If you wish your child to wear boots to walk to school or at playtimes during the winter/bad weather please ensure that they have shoes to change into when they are in school


P.E. Kit - should be in school every day

For safety and hygiene, children change clothing for all P.E. and games lessons.

P.E. kit is best brought to school in a drawstring cloth P.E. bag, as there is no space to store large sports bags.

· a white polo shirt with navy trim and school logo is available from Coes

· navy ‘shadow striped’ shorts

· plimsolls or lightweight trainers for outdoor P.E. lessons

· P.E. lessons may take place outdoors during cold weather.  You may wish to provide your child with tracksuit trousers and a warm top (no metal zips).


Please note: 

  • Girls wearing tights to school should have socks in their PE bag to stop plimsolls/trainers rubbing bare feet as tights may not be worn for PE
  • Earrings must be removed for all P.E



Naming clothes and shoes

It is important that all clothing is named clearly, but especially ties, jumpers/cardigans and sports wear. Name labels are available from Coes. Named clothing items, if found, are returned to the child. Un-named ‘lost property’ is kept until the end of each term and, if not claimed, is then donated to the PTA for their ‘pre-loved’ uniform sale.



Jewellery, Hair and Nails

Watches and stud earrings (not hoops) are the only form of jewellery allowed to be worn in school. 

Earrings must be removed for all P.E. which includes swimming, dance and after-school clubs. 

Children who are unable to remove earrings will not be able to participate in P.E.  Please consider this if allowing children to have their ears pierced during the school year.

Care of watches and/or earrings is the responsibility of the pupil when removed for P.E. 


Hair of both boys and girls must be tied back, if long, with a pony tail band, blue ribbon or traditional Alice band.  Hair should be of a natural hue and not obviously dyed or unusually styled. 


Nail varnish should not be worn to school. If nail varnish is applied during weekends/school holidays, please ensure it is removed before your child returns to school.



The PTA runs a second-hand sale at the Christmas Fair and May Fair/Summer Fete.  Between these events 'pre-loved' uniform can be purchased directly from the PTA.