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Year 3

Year 3

We are off on an adventure back in time to....

'The Stone Age'

Our learning challenge question is...


I wonder how we got from stone to steel?

Year 3 notices


-PE will be taught on a Tuesday and on a Friday. PE kits should be in school at all times. If your child has pierced ears, ensure these are removed before the lesson.


-Children will not have their planners checked by an adult as they are now in KS2. Any notes/messages will need to be brought to the class teacher/teaching assistant by the child themselves. 


-In KS2, children are required to change their own reading books. They need to be responsible for changing it regularly. 




Please refer to Y3 Dojo page for information concerning this week's lesson objectives and learning updates. 


Year 3 2018/19

Our topic for the spring term is, Extreme Earth. Our research question: What makes the earth angry?

** Christmas has arrived in year 3!**

Play scripts: Our class have been getting into their characters for a Christmas themed drama!

Islamic Inspired Art

Working scientifically: Using our knowledge from previous lessons, in groups we had to design and build a ramp and a track for a toy car to travel on.

Times Table Rock Star achievements!

Design and Technology: design, make and build a Stone Age bowl.

Adventure Stories: Just looking at our amazing writing!

Life Bus activities: Y3 meet the brain!

Circle Time: The sun always shines on people that.....

Our European Day of Languages looked at the beautiful county of Poland! We explored its location, cities, paper craft and the Polish language! Cześć, Jak się masz?

Science: We investigated how different colours and surfaces reflect light.

Keen Readers! Our summer reader challenge pupils.

Science: Can we make light bend? We investigated that passing light through a different means enabled us to bend light. We used glass and water to show that light can bend.

A tremendous two days in KS2! We have been working on place value and describing our summer holiday experiences. Well done year 3!

Year 3 -  Autumn term  -  2018-2019


The topic is Stone Age. 


Our research question is; 

'How did we get from stone to steel?'

** Take a look ** We are getting ready for the autumn term! Exciting role play and working walls.

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3!


Our topic this term is The Romans!

What are we learning about in Year 3 this week?


Week beginning: Monday 2nd July 2018



In literacy we will be focusing on our class text of Charlotte's Web



In numeracy we will be concluding our work on 3D shape, including making 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and midget gems!



We have  learnt a new method for division, both with and without remainders.

This is the success criteria that we follow:


Multiplication Tables Games

Here are some suggested games for practising multiplication tables:


Please also remind your child to collect worksheets and race tracks from the classroom for the multiplication table they are working on.


Year 3 go swimming!

Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!
Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!
Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!
Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!
Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!
Some of us got to swim in our pyjamas this week!!

Design and Technology- Exploring Moving Vehicles

In preparation for making our own chariots, we used a range of vehicles and construction materials to explore how exactly the wheels move.
We really enjoyed starting our Pentecost unit with circle time. As Miss Leggett read the story, Mrs King revealed the items in the story box and we stopped to reflect and share our views.
What an amazing day we had at Colchester Castle! We learnt lots more about the Romans and the Celts and even enjoyed the sunshine in the park at lunchtime!

Science experiment- how does water transport through a plant?

Who lived in Britain before the Romans?

Whole Class Recorder Lessons