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Year 4

Year 4 - summer term 2021 

Geography/History: London - Why is our capital city so iconic? 

This term we will look closely at the city and discover the importance of the River Thames, the Royal palaces positioned along it, and the famous people that have inhabited this world famous city

across the centuries. 

Our trip to Flatford had to be postponed to the summer term.

We have been learning about John Constable throughout the spring term.

We will now apply what we know and build on our skills, during our two-day visit to Flatford Mill in June. 


Please check back over the coming weeks for updates. 

(Refer to our Class Dojo for weekly updates on our learning objectives and any messages) 

Welcome to the spring term 2021 



Can you describe key aspects of rivers and the water cycle?

Who was John Constable and what is he famous for? 

Linked to our Flatford trip in January, we hope to explore the local area including the river,

wildlife and habitats, as well as a local artist from centuries past.  


Please refer to our Class Dojo page for daily/weekly updates! 

Math through stories: 365 Penguins

Coding with Scratch: Adding a Sprite, selecting code and debugging.

Christmas poems - y4 created a book of our poetry. Here is just a selection from our wonderful writing that included poems based upon, personification, rhyming and alliteration.

Our Christmas dinner in the y4 'bubble'!

Welcome to the autumn term 2020


Who were the Anglo Saxons and where did they originate from? 


Please refer to Class Dojo where more information is listed for parents. Thank you 




Year 4 2020_2021

Science: Investigating evaporation - Having planned our experiment we then made predictions and checked back periodically to see if the two different types of materials had dried.

History: Experimenting with Anglo-Saxon runes and writing our names.

Art: Having practised the skills of drawing a figure of a human body, we applied these to drawing a picture of Pandora and the box.

Children In Need - Anti-Bullying Week - Raising the awareness in year 4

RE: Reflecting on the Ten Commandments: We looked at five of the commandments and asked the children to stand next to the one they considered to be the most important. This encouraged lots of discussion between groups. Some learners decided to stand in the centre of the classroom as they believe that all of the commandments are of equal importance.

Books! Promoting our non-fiction books in year 4.