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Year 4

Summer term 2022

Year 4

Our topic this term will be the Mayans.

What made the Mayan civilisation so great? 

Our class text this term will be ‘The Curse of the Maya’.

Literacy - we will be looking at some newspaper report writing. We will be setting scenes and working on story openings for our creative writing and looking at the question of ‘should archaeological digs be funded?’ for our persuasive text. 

Maths - our maths topics we will cover this term are decimals, money, time, statistics, position and direction and properties of shapes. 

Science - we will be looking at sound, how sounds are made and can we see a pattern between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it! 

We will also be looking at the functions of basic parts of the digestive system in humans, identifying different types of teeth and food chains -  producers predators, and prey. 

RE - we will be studying ‘ Why there is diversity of belief in Islam’.


History - we will be exploring the main events and change in Mayan history. How Mayan civilisation  grew so strong and offer plausible suggestions for their sudden fall! 

Art - Mayan weaving and stitching 


Music - our music unit will be focused around a song about civil rights - ‘Blackbird by The Beatles’


PE - will be on a Monday & Friday 

Spring Term 2022

Year 4




Our topic this term will be 

“Living things and their habitats”


As well as our Flatford trip in January,  for this terms topic we will also be studying the key aspects of rivers in our Geography work and looking at the work of John Constable in Art. 

Our class reading book for this term will be Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. 

In literacy we will be focusing on writing explanation texts. And working on our Y3/4 spelling words.

In science we will become experts in using classification keys to group, identify and name a variety of living things. 


In maths we will be looking at factor pairs, area, fractions and decimals as well as continuing to work on our times tables. We encourage all children to continue using TT Rockstars at home for additional times tables practice. 


In computing we will become meteorologists and weather presenters and will collect, analyse and present data and information.



PE for our first half of the term will be on a Thursday and Friday and will be Squash coaching and dance.



Reading - we will be continuing with our weekly raffle tickets where we encourage the children to read 4 times per week and for this to be recorded in their reading planners to earn a ticket. The raffle is drawn fortnightly. 

Autumn Term 2021

Year 4


This term our topic will be “Anglo Saxons and the Vikings”


Geography - we will be looking at which countries made up Scandinavia and to be able to use a world atlas to find these and other countries. 

Science - we will be looking at electricity and making our own electric circuits.


Literacy - we will be focusing on writing instructions.  

Our class reading book this term will be - How to train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.


In DT we will be looking at making our own longboat ships just like the Vikings had!