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Year 5

Well done Year 5 for working so hard this term. I (Miss Petty) will miss you all. Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and gifts.


Wishing you a fantastic Christmas break.


Miss Petty, Mrs Haines, Mrs Mann and Mrs King

Week commencing Monday 10th December:


Maths: we will continue to measure angles using protractors, and will relate angles to 'turns'. We will also complete end of half term assessments in arithmetic and reasoning before revising addition and subtraction strategies.


Literacy: we will start to write our own versions of a chapter of 'Grandpa Chatterji', thinking carefully about how we can convey a sense of character, setting and atmosphere. We will aim to use some of the figurative language we have 'magpied' and offer our own creative examples.


Well done to Year 5 for completing the 'Adventure Run' on Monday - we are so proud of the class' fantastic attitude and teamwork.

We dissected flowering plants to explore their parts, helping us to form an understanding of the process of reproduction in some flowering plants.

A workshop about 'respect'.

Attempting to make the tallest possible (and, importantly, stable) structure out of paper, only!

PE Autumn Term - Year 5 tennis coaching with Matt Watson

Squash at the Garrison: we had a great time participating in squash games on the courts!

Some key notices:


On Monday 29th October (the first day back after half term), Year 5 will be visiting Colchester Garrison for a squash session. This session will be from 10-11am, which means that we will be leaving via coach shortly after registration. All children must have their PE kits with them!


Over the week of half term, there is a 'Battle of the Bands' competition on Times Tables Rockstars - Year 3 vs Year 5! Please login at


Maths homework for this week is an online game (on ActiveLearn) rather than a worksheet.



Painting poppies - Year 5 produced some stunning paintings which will go on display at Lawford Church to commemorate Armistice Day.

Author and illustrator Nick Butterworth

On Tuesday 2nd October, thanks to the PTA, the children at Lawford were treated to a visit from children's author and illustrator Nick Butterworth.

Nick talked about his love of books and how, as a young child, he enjoyed listening to stories but didn't learn to read for himself until the age of 9. The children were really inspired by his enthusiasm and passion for writing and drawing, he talked about how opening a book was like opening a door into a world of imagination and how to turn a simple idea into an engaging and interesting story.

The children and staff alike, were wowed by his incredible on the spot drawings and illustrations and were equally entertained by 'his story about a story' involving his pet dog Jake, which inspired him to write the 'Percy the Park Keeper' books. 

It was wonderful to hear him read one of his books 'The Whisperer' and discuss with the children the emotions they feel when reading for themselves.

We are sure Nick's visit will inspire a whole new love of reading in Year 5 and encourage many more creative writers and illustrators of the future!

Football with Colchester Utd coaches...

Sketching rainforest leaves in Art...

European Day of Languages - learning Portuguese phrases and locating countries where Portuguese is spoken...

Using the frog method for subtraction...

What we've been up to this week: sharing news broadcasts about the discovery of a new amphibian, having conversations in French ('bonjour', 'ca va?' 'ca va bien merci', 'ca ne va pas', 'au revoir'), discussing what makes a positive, healthy relationship in our Life Skills lessons and enjoying some fun squash games!

Having learnt a non-chronological report about an amphibian off by heart, we are now preparing a news broadcast to announce the discovery of this creature!

We have had a very positive start to Year 5! Well done to all the children for settling back in so well and for being ready to learn. We have been revising and extending our knowledge of place value, starting to read and make predictions about our class novel, 'Journey to the River Sea', raising questions about our rainforests topic and we have explored paintings of the rainforest by different artists, including Henri Rousseau.


Why are the rainforests so important to us?


Welcome to Year Five 2017-18


We hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are ready to explore our first topic of the year - rainforests! We are so looking forward to welcoming you back.


Key notices:

- For the first half of the autumn term at least, PE will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but pupils should ensure that their PE kits are in school every day.

- Spellings and Maths homework will be set on a Thursday. The weekly spelling test will take place a week later (Thursday). Maths homework will usually be online, via the 'ActiveLearn' website, but occasionally pupils may bring home a worksheet of challenges to attempt.

- Pupils will bring home their new homework books with their homework challenges for the autumn term enclosed. Pupils should complete at least two challenges by half term.


Please get in touch if you have any queries!


Miss Petty, Mrs Haines and Mrs Mann







It has been a brilliant year. Thank you for your support throughout the year and thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts.

We wish you all a very happy and relaxing summer! :)


Miss Petty & Mrs Haines

On Friday 6th July, we turned our classroom into a Humanist museum. We have been exploring 'Humanism' over the last few weeks, finding out what it is and how Humanists lead their lives. In groups, we created an activity/display that would give the Year 6 class an understanding of Humanism. On Friday, they visited our museum and took part in the activities.

We visited the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge! It was fascinating to explore artefacts from Ancient Egypt, as well as all the different artwork within the museum's galleries. We are very grateful to those who helped out on the trip - thank you.

We had an excellent day at Manningtree High School, completing a range of science activities - from making slime to entering a planetarium - and completing an art activity, too. Here are some photos from our day...

Week commencing 25th June 2018:



  • We will continue to explore equivalences between percentages, decimals and fractions.
  • We will find percentages of amounts.
  • We will complete our end of year assessments (arithmetic and reasoning papers).



  • We will write our reflections of our time in Year 5.


As you will be aware from recent email correspondence, on Thursday 28th June Year 5 will be visiting Manningtree High School to complete a range of science activities. We will be returning to school for the normal home time but all children will require a packed lunch on this day. Thank you.


Cooking and nutrition: making a Chinese-style stir fry! We designed and made a healthy vegetable stir fry. We ensured that we chopped the vegetables carefully, using the claw grip and bridge technique. We then had the chance to eat some of our dish and used chopsticks to do so.

Fluteability and performing 'Dancing in the street' by Martha and the Vandellas

This week, we have drawn shapes and measured angles while sharing a pencil, thereby taking part in Share a Pencil Day, recognising how millions of children are missing out on education across the world. We have continued to explore our Forces topic, examining the effects of water resistance on objects of different shapes. We have also been very lucky to have another cricket session with a coach. A great end to the half term.

Week commencing 21st May 2018:


Maths: We will complete some end of half term assessments and will continue to explore translation and reflection. We will also explore 3D shapes and their nets.


Literacy: We will complete a half term reading assessment and will begin to plan a biography about Tutankhamun, using the model biography that we have been learning.


RE: On Monday and Tuesday, we will explore Pentecost - the narrative of Pentecost and what the Holy Spirit represents and the qualities it brings.

On Friday 18th May 2018, Year 5 enjoyed a full day in the fresh air celebrating 'Outdoor Classroom Day'.

The children in KS2 worked together in sports teams to complete a number of activities, including natural resource artwork, Bush craft, Geo-caching and team building. Miss Petty and Mrs Collyer (thanks to donations from families) were able to set up an area for the children to be creative and recreate the school emblem using natural materials.

Science: making parachutes. We continued to explore the effects of air resistance by creating miniature parachutes. We conducted this as a fair test, with each group focusing on one variable. We timed how long it took for each parachute to fall to the ground and were thus able to work out which parachute was the most effective. We attempted to do this experiment outside but it was very, very windy so we quickly returned to the classroom!

What we have been up to this past week: debating what 'failure' means, playing instruments to Motown music and exploring the effects of air resistance by dropping paper from a height.

Topic - Summer Term 2018

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break.


This term, our topic question is:

What makes a strong and successful civilisation?



Well done to Year 5 for all their hard work this term. Over the Easter break, we have asked all pupils to focus on learning/revising the spellings of the first column of Year 5/6 words in their planners. We have also asked pupils to have a go at some test-style questions, focusing on fractions, and an Abacus homework sheet focusing on measurement. This homework can be handed in on the Wednesday of the week we return.


Thank you for your continued support!


Miss Petty and Mrs Haines

Proving our understanding that the Earth is rotating on its axis - with the Sun appearing to move across the sky!

Year 5 Easter Performance - we are very proud of Year 5 for retelling the story so thoughtfully and sensitively, and for their beautiful singing.

On Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 2pm, we will be performing the Easter Story at St Mary the Virgin Church, Lawford. We look forward to seeing many of you there.


To get involved in Sport Relief, we had a great time completing a course around the field - this course involved jumping over hurdles, manoeuvring through a camouflage net and dribbling footballs!

Badminton! We thoroughly enjoyed this badminton taster session in the school hall, practising throwing and catching a shuttlecock and bouncing one on a racket.

'Martian soil' experiment. To celebrate British Science Week, we undertook an experiment, investigating which of three soil samples contained microorganisms. As can be seen from these photos, microorganisms were found in Sample C which 'blew up'!

Hockey with Colchester United!

Space visitor! We immersed ourselves in our Space topic, learning about what it is really like for astronauts to enter and spend time space and the broader historical context of the Space missions. A brilliant morning!

Shakespeare day - The Tempest! We had a fantastic time acting out scenes in a workshop before joining in with a whole school performance. We spoke eloquently and used dramatic expressions - the latter can be seen in these photos! Miss Petty and Mrs Haines were so impressed with how well we absorbed the details of character and plot.

Last week, we developed our understanding of 'personification' by identifying this form of figurative language in poems and by using it ourselves. On Friday, pupils were challenged to create a very short poem with a Space theme, with some element of personification. I am so impressed with pupils' efforts. Here are just a few examples:


As the night closes in,

The planets leap over the firmament,

Whispering for the night.

Whilst black holes devour planets one by one,

One by one.

Comets shoot over the sky like diamonds.

We just glitter.


Rockets stroll across the night sky,

Admiring the universe.

Us stars give out light, hoping for some appreciation.

Astronauts wink as they float by, wishing for a sign of life,

The Sun starts to go to bed.

We just glitter.


The Milky Way leads a path to victory,

As a nebula swirls and whirls out of sight.

Satellites cough as dust gets in their glistening eyes.

The Moon jumps to and fro.

But, we just glitter.

By Elsa



The Moon is like a sad star which only comes out at night.

The Moon is a knight's helmet which fights off aliens.

The Moon is a frisbee which got thrown too far.

The Moon is a human tooth which got lost.

The Moon says, "It's a new day."

By Joseph



As the Moon orbits other planets,

It is like a guinea pig running for food.

The Moon waves goodbye to the Sun,

To get ready for its night shift.


As the stars get ready, they whisper, "It's time,"

The stars and Moon shimmer and glimmer,

Whilst the Sun hides away.


The stars wink at the Moon and say,

"You're doing great."

The Sun coughs to get their attention and says,

"It's nearly day."

Then the Sun rose and it was no longer night,

How would the Moon shine so bright

Now the Sun had come?

By Marrisa and Emily L



The Moon wept as the stars aligned,

They all huddled round to comfort the graceful Moon,

His tears bounced from planet to planet, dripping off stars,

and floated freely within the dark matter.

The asteroids that were floating suddenly stopped.

They all stared longingly into the Moon's eyes.

By Esme


Pupils will spend more time planning and preparing different poems this week; I hope to add more examples soon!

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term.


Please note that homework will be set every Wednesday and will be due for completion by the following Wednesday. This homework consists of spellings and Maths homework. Maths homework is usually set online but pupils will bring home a Maths sheet if it is a written homework for the week.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Sketching planets with three-dimensional effect!

Tuesday 6th February 2018 marked 'Safer Internet Day'. As a class we reflected on a film about e-safety that we had watched in a previous Computing lesson:

We also discussed how we feel when we are online, and how we can use the Internet responsibly in line with the Safer Internet Day phrase, 'A better Internet starts with you.'


We had a brilliant time at the Music workshops at Manningtree High School on Thursday. We used a range of instruments to perform a Samba composition, we used special software to create our own music on computers and we learnt chords on the ukulele, playing along to a song from Moana!



Connecting Classrooms


On 23rd January 2018, as part of the 'Connecting Classrooms' project that we are taking part in, we explored the issue of hunger. We discussed what we already know about hunger - or what we understand 'hunger' to mean - and the questions that we might have about this issue. The class shared some very thoughtful ideas.


We explored hunger on a global level, looking at statistics on malnourishment for various countries. We discussed the many causes of hunger before reading and discussing case studies on particular countries - Vietnam and Bangladesh, for example. We began to think about what can be done to combat hunger - and the measures that are already in place in some countries.



Week commencing 22nd January 2018:


Year 5 will be visiting Manningtree High School on the morning of Thursday 25th January for a Music workshop. We will return to school at lunchtime for children to have their lunch as normal.



Please note that ActiveLearn Maths homework is set online each week. Currently, this homework is being set on a Friday and is due for completion by the following Friday.



A huge well done to Alex, Saziye, Owen and Alice who represented Year 5 at the squash finals at the Garrison on Friday 19th January. They came a fantastic 2nd!


Please note that there is a new 'homework challenge grid' for the Spring Term which has been stuck into your child's homework book if they have brought their book into school. A copy of the grid is available on our website, too.



Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely break.


Our topic question for this term is:

'What would happen if we fell off the Earth?'

Image result for image of solar system

We've had a brilliant term! Thank you for all your support. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas! Miss Petty and Mrs Haines

Creating miniature rainforest shelters in D&T...

Exploring the different parts of a flower in Science to learn about the reproduction of plants!

Using protractors to measure acute and obtuse angles!

Visit from an explorer! Mr Hall came to visit our classroom to share his first hand experience of a rainforest. He told us about his exploration of Long Atip in Borneo. We found out about what it is really like to trek, eat and sleep in the rainforest! Some of us held up a mosquito net which you would need to cover yourself with while asleep. It was fascinating to compare his real experience with all that we have been learning, and the description of the Amazon rainforest in 'Journey to the River Sea'!

Thank you all for coming along to our sharing afternoon! We hope you enjoyed it. The children were thrilled to have so many of you there.


We invite you to attend our 'Rainforests' sharing afternoon which will take place on Friday 24th November at 2.45pm.



Squash at the Garrison, before half term!

We had a class discussion about whether trolls should be allowed to roam the rainforests freely. We argued our points passionately and clearly - we were very keen to contribute, as can be seen from these photos!

We had a fantastic time on Friday at a Diwali dance workshop. We retold the story of Rama and Sita through dance. Earlier in the day, we explored the significance of Diwali and made bright rangoli patterns.

This week, in squash, we competed against each other using the nets and acted as referees!

In Literacy, we peer assessed our 'Spotted Fruit Frog' non-chronological reports.

In Science, we have been exploring food chains/webs, thinking about how animals survive in the rainforest. We created 'paper chain' food chains to demonstrate this.

We have celebrated European Day of Languages by focusing on the culture of Germany, taking part in a quiz and designing postcards.

Music lessons - We have been exploring rock music, learning to play on glockenspiels and sing along to Bon Jovi's 'Livin on a Prayer'.

In netball this week, we have continued to focus on accurate passing, movement and footwork.

In squash this week, we have been practising our backhand technique, working within small teams and also playing against our team members!

We have been sitting in the 'hot seat' in Literacy, taking questions from our audience about the 'Spotted Fruit Frog' we have created and described in our writing.

Week commencing Monday 18th September:



Please note that we will have a spelling test every Wednesday. A new spelling list will be stuck in each planner every Wednesday. Some of the words will relate to our spelling rule for the week. This week, we have been exploring words that have the letter string 'ough' (rough, thorough, through, bough, for example) and the differing sounds that this letter string can produce.


Homework on ActiveLearn

Abacus Maths homework is set on a Wednesday and is due for completion by the following Wednesday. Pupils should also log in to their ActiveLearn Bug Club accounts to complete weekly reading.


Whole-class reading

Our class reading book is 'Journey to the River Sea', an adventure story by Eva Ibbotson. This is linked to our topic for the term, 'Why are the rainforests so important to us?'


Welcome back Year 5!

    What a wonderful first few days we have had together.

We are really proud of the way the children have returned to school ready for the new academic year.

This term we are looking forward to discovering more about the rainforests of the world.


Our topic question is ...






From Monday 11th September the children will start their squash lessons in PE, followed by netball later in the week. To help support us with this, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day.

Thank you.

This week we are learning to...

 improve our knowledge of number and place value in maths and show an understanding of non-chronological reports ('information texts') in literacy.

The Porcupine Backed Amphibian - The children have drawn their own text maps to help them recall and recite a non-chronological report on a fictional rainforest creature.

Talk for writing

Monday 10th July 


Maths-  we are learning to calculate the area and perimeter of composite shapes using problem solving skills.


Literacy- we are learning to use identify persuasive devices used in trailers and generate ideas for our own trailer.


SPAG- we are focusing on ensuring our tenses are consistent throughout a piece of writing.

Well done to the Year 5 representatives in the Essex Games Finals!

Science Day at Manningtree High School
Investigating forces
In science we have been learning to explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth due to force of gravity. We have also been learning how to use a force meter to measure the mass of an object. We intend to improve the reliability of the results by taking repeat readings next lesson.
Beautiful Blossoms
We have been working hard to accurately draw a cherry blossom branch, using sketching techniques, by looking closely at the colours and shape of the blossom, buds and branches.
Summer Term 2017

Science Boffins

On Wednesday 15th March, Year 5 took part in a science day hosted by the Science Boffins. We looked at the food webs and the circle of life, the digestive system and the composition of blood. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience due to the hilarity behind the science.

World Book Day 2017
More images to follow soon...

Dance and Movement- The Solar System

Year 5 have been learning to choreograph sequences of movement through their own interpretation to music which reflect the characteristics of the planets. I wonder if you can tell which planet we might be portraying?

Rehearsals for the Easter production have begun.

As Spring Term 2 begins, we have been rehearsing for the upcoming Easter performance by focusing on reactions to lines and scenarios. With the help of our visitor, Mr Bond, we have been able to show our emotions though body language, distance and gestures. We have also learned how to focus during a freeze frame and keep everything locked in position - including our eyes.

DT- Space food project

We have been trying some space food; dehydrated ice cream and dehydrated strawberries.

'My favourite is the ice cream as its really creamy'

'I really like the ice cream but the strawberries were a bit sharp.'

'I like them both but they are weird.'

Yoga Day

On Tuesday 21st March, we took part in a yoga session, which many of us had not tried before. We participated in routines, learned the basic postures and played many games.


Here is some feedback from the children:

'Are we going to do this every Tuesday?'

'Could this be one of our PE activities?'

' I thought we would be only be meditating like Grandpa Chatterji, I didn't realise there were games too.'

(character from previous unit of work in literacy)

'It's really fun.'



Space Home Learning Challenges

Here are some examples of the practical challenges that can be completed this Spring - rather impressive.