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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five



Spring Term Enquiry Question: Is anyone out there?

Our question looks to explore Earth and Space, the inspirational scientists involved in space travel and the possibility of life beyond our planet. Whilst the main arc of this topic belongs to science, we are deepening the learning through units of English which includes an explanation text on how the universe works, moon poetry and non-chronological reports based on science-fictional creatures.

History/Design and Technology: Boats for the Pharaoh

After discovering that boats were the main the main transport system used by the Ancient Egyptians and explored their various uses, we have been creating different types of boats to see which ones can carry the most 'building blocks' down the River Nile. This activity also introduced us to the concept of water resistance which was then explored further in our science lessons. 

RE: Prayer Space

Year 5 were selected to perform an Easter Tableau at the Easter Service. Afterwards, the children enjoyed various Prayer Space activities linked with Salvation at St Mary's Church. 

Science Week: Forces

During science week, we explored the forces gravity and friction through experiments in our science lessons, requiring the knowledge from our recent maths unit: decimals with up to three decimal places, and counterbalances in gymnastics. This allowed us focus deeply on our collaborator and trust learning dispositions. 

Year 5 Spaced Learning:

We used the setting and creatures of Pandora, from the film Avatar, to create a non-chronological reports about our own hexapods whilst revisiting our knowledge on rainforests and how to save them from our Autumn Term enquiry question.  

Computing: Coding

We are blessed to have 1:1 devices for our children in Year 5 so we have been using them to complete coding activities from London Grid For Learning: Busy Things. The children spent time writing codes and debugging them before submitting them for teacher assessment. These algorithms were then checked and returned to the children along with feedback from the testing of their code.

Autumn Term Enquiry question:

'How can we save the rainforests?'

Not only are we exploring this through Geography but we are also using English, including our class text 'Journey to the River Sea', Science and Music as cross curricular links to deepen our investigation.

Physical Education: Outdoor Adventurous Activity

In December, we took part in a Mud Run at Birch Hall Adventures in Kirby-Le-Soken. The children were paired up and took on a variety of challenges around the assault course whilst trying to get their best times. At the end of the muddy fun, the children were greeted with a warm drink and a Mars Bar. 

Forest School: Autumn Sessions

We are very blessed to have a forest school area without our grounds and staff who are Qualified Level 3 Forest School Leaders. This Autumn we have build dens and swings, used new tools, climbed trees and ,of course, had lots of fun. Throughout the sessions the children are encourage to think about how to manage their own risks whilst following our three rules; keep ourselves safe, keep others safe and look after the woodland. The focus this term has been linked to the care of the rainforest and creating shelters which can survive a rainforest downpour. 

Year 5 Art

Using birds as our theme, we are exploring continuous contour drawing in a variety of mediums, including digital art such as light drawings, before creating our final sculptures. Through this unit, we explore artists such as Mike Godwin, Kendra Haste, Cathy Miles, Pablo Picasso and Darren Pearson.

Spaced Learning: Computing

We are using our 1:1 devices to take part in online maths games which are linked to learning that has taken place this term: Place value, addition and subtraction. Each time we complete a level, the challenge becomes more difficult.