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Year 5

Welcome to Year Five



Enquiry question: 'How can we save the rainforests?'

Not only are we exploring this through Geography but we are also using English, including our class text 'Journey to the River Sea', Science and Music as cross curricular links to deepen our investigation.

Year 5 Art

Using birds as our theme, we are exploring continuous contour drawing in a variety of mediums, including digital art such as light drawings, before creating our final sculptures. Through this unit, we explore artists such as Mike Godwin, Kendra Haste, Cathy Miles, Pablo Picasso and Darren Pearson.

Our topic this half term is -

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek cooking

First Aid training

In our PHSE lessons, we have been learning about the importance of first aid and how to help people when they need it. 

In science this half term, we have been learning about the properties of different materials and their uses.

During a practical experiment, we demonstrated that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes.

Also, some changes result in the formation of new materials and this kind of change is not reversible.

In maths, we used cubes to help us learn about volume.

Summer Term

First half

Ancient Egyptians

Our enquiry question is -

What secrets did the Egyptians have?



Our key concepts this term are -

Care, power, conflict, Identity and power









Our first history lesson was about what we actually already know about the Ancient Egyptians. 
We had a place mat to see if we knew some of the famous artefacts and features that were around in that time. 

We went on an information run around the classroom to learn facts about the Ancient Egyptians. 
We collected the information in our heads and wrote it all down on a mind map. 





We took part in an opening of the tomb reconstruction relay.











After designing our death Egyptian masks, we created them using clay.



New archery equipment has arrived and we have really enjoyed being first to use it.









Spring Term



Research question this term -

Is there anyone out there?



Our key concepts for this term are -


Identity, Care, Power and Change

Our Learning 

In Year 5, we are very lucky to have a Win Book each. 


Here at Lawford, we really enjoy raising money for charities throughout the year.

Not only did we raise £540 for NSPCC, we also did lots of maths activities throughout the day.  


We have been learning squared and cubed numbers.

We have been using cubes to help us to develop our understanding.



Using a fraction wall has helped us with equivalent fractions.


We are learning how to write an explanation text.

First, we have been text mapping what a good one looks like. This is a visual technique to help us to organise information for when we write our own ones.



This half term we have been working hard in boot camp and gymnastics.




In Art, we have been learning the process of mono printing.


In music, we are composing our own composition in the style of Hans Zimmers classic, 'The Earth.


In French this term, we have been learning about Schools in France.

We have been learning what the subjects are called in french and about the timings of the school day.

Also, we have learnt about the French culture and how they celebrate Easter.













Autumn term

Our topic this term is - 

The Rainforest




Our topic question is -

Why is the Rainforest so important to us?


Our key concepts are -

 Change, fairness, conflict, care and power.





We have been using a variety of manipulatives to work with numbers up to 100,000.



In PE this half term, we have been learning Bollywood dancing and we have been advancing our skills in squash with the coaches from the Garrison.


We have been researching birds this half term.


We have been looking at how to draw Rainforest animals. We learnt that using shapes can really help us when drawing animals.

We used pastels to finish our Rainforest animal art project.


In PSHE, we have been looking at different ways to help our well-being.

In PSHE we learnt about what makes a healthy and un healthy relationship.